Town also houses an exquisite castle, which is the Santa Margherita

A vacation in Santa Margherita of Italy will certainly be an unforgettable adventure, considering that Santa Margherita is a beach treasure with more than 300 sunny days each year. Tourists can take a relaxing walk up down the Salita San Giacomo, which has stunning perspectives of the city’s harbor. Another attraction of interest is the Baroque style San Giacomo di Corte Church. It was once a hamlet. Corte was later united with Pescino and is now the principal city of Santa Margherita of Italy.

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The charming harbor of the town has all the appeal that is Portofino as well as being surrounded by pastel buildings. The hillside that runs behind the harbor is dotted with olive groves, lush forests and sailboats are moored in the vibrant marina. The town is also home to numerous stores and restaurants. In Santa Margherita, visitors can stroll through its streets in a medieval style and marvel at the town’s magnificent architectural style.

The town also houses an exquisite castle, which is the Santa Margherita Ligure Castle, with stunning panoramas of the town. Visitors can also go to the stunning Villa Durazzo, which has stunning grounds, and occasionally watch opera rehearsals. The market that opens in the morning is the ideal moment to enjoy tasting local food and fresh produce as well as vegetables and wine. When you’re in Santa Margherita of Italy, you’ll be in the midst of a seaside town and you’ll be compelled to visit it yourself.

Another site worth visiting within Santa Margherita of Italy is the basilica. This is by far the largest cathedral in Santa Margherita. It was built around the year 1315. The 17th century was when the church was rebuilt and constructed in baroque fashion. In the middle of the stunning city there are statues of apostles Peter and Paul. The church is illuminated by crystal chandeliers of great size and is definitely worth a visit.