The tropical climate is a favorite of many Brits

British nationals can visit Florida as a United States territory. There are no visa requirements. Although you are allowed to visit the country for up 90 days without a permit, you must obtain travel authorization (ETA). The Electronic System for Travel Authorisation is available online. There is an administration charge. To travel to the State, children must have a passport. The US National Hurricane Centre has the most up-to-date information on hurricane activity.

Pesach programs

Orlando is just nine hours from London and has many attractions such as Seaworld and Disney World. Miami is another favorite destination with its amazing food and art deco architecture. The Everglades National Park, however, is a more relaxed and less touristy option. This park is home to many different species of fresh and saltwater wildlife and is one the most unique ecosystems of the country.

You should bring vaccines for your children when you travel to Florida. Certain airlines require non-US citizens to wear masks when traveling. Be sure to verify the requirements before heading to Florida. Additionally, it is a good idea to take a COVID-19 or viral test on the first day of arrival in the US. The CDC recommends that you take antigen tests and lateral flows as well as COVID-19 test.