Realtors Use Real Estate Promotion Ideas to Generate Sales Leads

Real Estate Promotion Ideas are at your fingertips. You just have to know where to look. You can do all of this online; the same techniques can be used for e-mail, billboards, fliers, direct mail, and even door hangers. The more creative you are about how you promote your real estate business the better off you’ll be.

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Real Estate Promotion Ideas number six: Begging your friends and family for leads. Yes your relatives and friends may be wonderful real estate agents, but they probably won’t work as hard as you do. So leave the calling cards at home and go out and get some leads. When you get the leads pass them on to someone else. Realtors often find that the people they initially call keep calling them back because they impressed them with who they were as a person, and they keep recommending them to their friends.

Real Estate Marketing Campaigns can be a great way to generate sales leads. Some real estate companies like to use a form of advertising known as a “drip campaign.” This is where you send out brochures to homes for sale within your own or your clients zip code once you have determined there is a real estate opportunity. Once you send these brochures out they usually stay on the market for a few weeks. This type of marketing strategy is great for selling houses in areas where you have recently closed sales, but your next step is to contact past clients about your real estate marketing services so that you can follow up with them to inform them about your brochure.