Most fascinating martial arts weapons is the ninja throwing star

One of the most fascinating martial arts weapons is the ninja throwing star. It’s not hard to see why. A ninja, also known as ninja warriors, were masters of deception and stealth. Their weapon of choice was the short sword, a two-bladed sword attached to a flat Okinawan blade which often times became a extension of the body. The purpose of a ninja was to sneak up on their enemies, strike them out of surprise, and then flee.

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The ninja’s primary weapon was the short sword, but they also carried concealed weapons such as ninja throwing stars, which they used to draw and trap their victims. A ninja, like any other samurai warrior of old, would have a set of katana to practice those skills with. The use of this weapon became extremely popular amongst the ninjas of Japan because they could easily slip it into their robes and cloak to pretend that they were just regular men. These fakes were perfect for attacks, ambushes, and ambushes. Even though these guys and gals had swords, they didn’t exactly carry them around in their everyday lives, so when they got into a fight, they would put the weapon away or into their socks and shoes – kind of like the ninjas of old.

The ninja throwing stars are a beautiful example of the new generation’s of Japanese swordsmen. It shows the evolution of Japanese swordmanship through the ages. Nowadays, ninjas would probably use a bow and arrow or a bow and sword. However, it seems that the ninja’s skills still continue to evolve with modern technology – they just do it a little differently. Most of the time they would throw these weapons without even bringing their hands together (kind of like when you’re trying to bowl with just your fingers). The concept is still the same, though, and the technique is the same – you still have to protect yourself at all times.