Making Clicks Marketing Work for You

Established in 2021 to support companies in increasing their digital footprint and in turning virtual visibility into sky-rocketing sales; Direct Clicks Marketing is a Dubai-based group of seasoned digital marketing strategists who specialize in dominate the Gulf region. Established by Avi Frister and Mark Ling, Direct Clicks Marketing have been helping companies from all over the world to capitalize on the growing trend of e-commerce.

Clicks Internet Marketing Pty Ltd

Their core competency lies in providing direct services and have been successfully helping companies such as Zappos, Amazon and Barnes & Noble grow their businesses using simple, cost effective marketing strategy. With years of industry experience in helping companies reach new heights of online success, they are constantly engaged in implementing new strategies to help their clients achieve maximum online visibility and earn profits from the market that they are in. With their world-class services, they also ensure that their clients always remain updated about the latest trends and emerging opportunities that are affecting the industry.

Using cutting edge technologies and state-of-the-art machinery, they help their clients achieve desired goals through innovative strategies. These services can be used for a wide range of print, digital and social media marketing needs. The group not only develops custom campaigns according to the clients’ requirements but also provide services like email marketing, web marketing, search engine optimization and other kinds of traditional as well as PPC marketing. Along with their extensive service portfolio, they also help their clients improve their website performance and offer quality customer service.

In fact, this is just the first of many innovative initiatives that they are introducing in this area of marketing. This is further followed by the introduction of the new, improved Facebook page, Google+ page and Twitter page among other measures to make their service more comprehensive and successful. They also work closely with leading search engines like Yahoo, Google and Bing to deliver their customers consistent and uninterrupted traffic to their websites. In fact, with the launch of Google Places and Google Maps, getting customers to your business has become even easier.