Fridge is working normally and still under warranty

If the fridge is working normally and still under warranty, there is no reason to employ an appliance repair professional. A good appliance professional will undertake a fridge repair any time the fridge is up for sale or replacement. There is no denying you have the choice of repairing the fault on your own, but certain basic fridge repairs are beyond repairing the refrigerator’s self or unclogging the defrost pipes. A fridge repair can be undertaken with basic DIY knowledge, although if you are not sure about something do not attempt it on your own as it may even be more costly if you damage the fridge further.

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The most common problems encountered with fridges is freezing or burning out of coils or the fridge doors, both of which are easy to remedy with a few hours’ work. The first thing to check when you detect a problem is whether the door is open or closed, this can be checked with a light against the fridge. If the light is amber and the door is closed, you can assume that ice has blocked the door or the seal has been damaged, in which case the coils need to be replaced. If the door is open, check for any leakage around the door or wafer sealing edge. The wafers are the thin plastic pieces that surround the actual coil, if they are ripped or cracked then the coils are likely to be unclog, requiring fridge repairs.

Another common appliance fault that can be fixed with DIY knowledge is odours coming from the food. This can be caused by condensation between the fridge’s walls and the food and water condensation can be cleaned off using a damp cloth. Similarly, the evaporator coils on the inside of the fridge are not always clean, if the evaporator coils are scratched they can cause odours to come out. If the fridge repair you’re looking to do is not specifically about an odour, try cleaning the coils with baking soda to remove any smells before calling in the professionals.