Website Builder Types and Functions

Website builders are software tools which usually enable the creation of web-sites without too much manual code editing. Website builders offer many features, like easy website creation, that may be used in conjunction with one another to facilitate the creation of professional looking websites. There are different website builder tools available in the market today, and a little comparison and research on the part of the user can help him find the right one for his needs. The main types of website builders are as follows: review

Website Builder One of the best known forms of a website builder is the DIY website builder. This type of website builder comes in different ways. Some of them come with the option of using a ready-made template or a custom design. With the custom design option, the owner has the flexibility to choose from different ways of visualizing his website. This type of website builder usually works on the Windows platform.

Squarespace A Squarespace website builder is also popular among the masses. The Squarespace website builders come with a variety of features, such as drag and drop options, website building templates and professional themes. The templates offered by Squarespace are quite user-friendly, and the theme manager helps users in changing the colors of their chosen theme in a couple of clicks. There are also several other features of Squarespace that make the website builders more popular than others. This type of website builder also works on the Windows platform. A Squarespace website builder also comes with a number of pre-installed WordPress themes and plug-ins, which makes the use of this website builder easier.