Water Damage Cleanup – Three Steps To Success

The first important step to water damage cleanup from flooding is to suck up all standing water and dampness that have accumulated. Even if building materials and contents are completely dry, they will still continue to degrade over time due to the permeation of standing water into the ground. When standing water becomes tainted with human feces and sewage it can become harmful to your health. Dampness also increases the amount of mold spores that are airborne, posing a health risk to anyone within the vicinity. All damage must be removed immediately to prevent worsening the situation and to prevent further harm to your health and the structural integrity of your home.

Professional water damage cleanup companies employ a variety of methods for water extraction, from using high powered water extraction machines to hand tools and more modern technologies. One method being used today is water extraction with vacuum systems. Water extraction by vacuuming is an effective way to quickly remove standing water, but because it only removes surface moisture it does little to address the source of the contamination or the eventual failure of your roof. For this reason many water damage cleanup companies also use water extraction with robotic pump systems.

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Water extraction with a pump helps to suck up contaminated water from the fastest way possible while removing the bulk of contaminated material making it easier to deal with the remaining water in a safer manner. A powerful suction system will also remove any organic or living matter from the carpeting or walls. Because cleaning up this contaminated water is the number one priority of water damage cleanup companies, most of them also perform secondary sanitation while they are on the job. This includes the use of disinfectants and deodorizers to remove odors and guarantee clean carpets and walls. By providing these primary services, professional water damage repair professionals ensure the health of their clients and assure that the entire property is restored to its original condition.