This is a great query regarding the intrauterine device Mirena

This is a great query regarding the intrauterine device Mirena. (Just in case you’re not aware of Mirena it’s an alternative contraceptive that is implanted in the uterus to stop the occurrence of pregnancy. It produces the hormone levonorgestrel, and is not a source of any estrogen. It is safe to remain in the uterus up to five years!)

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Patient: I just had my 2nd Mirena placed and I am noticing that sometimes it appears that I am able to feel the position on the Mirena. I can’t remember experiencing this sensation with my first Mirena (but it is possible that I might not be able to remember). Should I be concerned about this sensation?

Me I say yes You should be worried as you’ll never feel the location of Mirena.

If you feel that something is wrong with the position of the Mirena you are unsure of its position, there’s likely that the device wasn’t installed correctly from the start or has been snared. If you suspect that something is not quite right in your Mirena it is best to contact your doctor as quickly as possible – a lost or dislodged Mirena is not able to stop pregnancy as it is supposed to. If you are in the interim, take a backup method for birth control (that doesn’t contain hormonal substances) till your physician provides you with further instructions.

If your doctor decides that you need to have the device removed The doctor will replace the original Mirena with a brand new one. A damaged Mirena can never be replaced!

The only time you’ll be able to touch the Mirena instrument is when you look to make sure it’s in the place it’s supposed to be. (A best time to look for it is following each period). If you go through the check and feel the threads that are removed on the upper part in your vagina.

First, cleanse your hands with the soap you use and some water. After that, using fingertips that are clean, check for threads that are located at the upper part in your vagina. Don’t pull the threads away because this could cause the Mirena off its place! If it feels more that the threads, then you’ll be required to contact your doctor as this could mean that the Mirena isn’t in the correct place. If you are unable to feel the threads, you should make an appointment with your doctor examine whether the Mirena remains there at the right position.

What can you do if you are unable to find the information you’re seeking? Contact the manufacturer of Mirena, Bayer Healthcare Pharmaceuticals I did so for confirmation of the info I provided! They’re a great resource to utilize, particularly if you are unable to find the information you’re looking for on the internet or anywhere else.