Simple Tips That Can Help You Do Shower Repair on Your Own

Shower Repairs are some of the simplest fixes for any leaky pipes or broken showerheads. Even if your plumbing hasn’t leaked yet, you can still try to repair the shower. You only need to know the basics of DIY home repair and you will be able to fix it on your own. The following are the simple steps that you need to follow when doing shower repair:

o Installing Overlay – If there is an old shower that is still attached to the wall, you can easily install an overlaying fiberglass mat that can cover the opening of the shower. This will prevent the water to leak inside and also save your flooring from getting damaged. After the old shower repairs have been made, an additional fiberglass mat is then installed over the opening to the shower.

shower repairs

o Leak Detection – If there is a small leak in the pipes of your shower pan, you can use a high-temperature camera to detect the leak. If the camera sees that the leak is not visible, you can just smooth out the area and put a sealant over it. You can also try installing an extra drain plug on the side of the shower pan. You may also use epoxy glue to make a seal over the area around the drain pipe. The combination of these two shower repairs should close up the leak and prevent further water damage.