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Are Secrets to Dog Training effective on dogs who are adamant? When you’re reading this post then it’s likely that you’re at a at a crossroads with the dog who is determined to make its own guidelines.

He controls your behavior. He eats what he likes. Barks at you until has what is wanted. He jumps over your furniture. He jumps onto your feet when you enter the door. He jumps over your guests.

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And then he takes the heels off of your favourite shoes.

In an eloquent way In a nutshell, he’s made your life hell!

Desperate Steps

In a desperate attempt you typed into Google’s searchbox “Secrets to Dog Training” or “Secrets to Dog Training Review” since you’d heard of this book, and you were wondering whether it’s a good dog training guide for dogs who are stubborn.

What are the secrets to Dog Training?

The Secrets to Dog Training is a ebook that is downloadable and 256 pages long written by an experienced dog trainer Daniel Stevens. It’s incredibly detailed and packed with tips and tricks that professional trainers use. It helps you avoid and manage some of the most prevalent issues with behavior, such as:

Aggression towards other Canines

Food Aggression

Intimidation with Children

Leash pulling Leash




Squeezing at People

Separation Anxiety

But I’ll wait. I digress.

What did I learn the Secrets to Dog Training?

I’ll tell you a short, yet true tale. When I received my first dog, Lily I was completely clueless. I didn’t realize she had to be taught. I didn’t realize I was expected to create rules. I had no idea Lily was expected to obey my rules. I didn’t realize she had to follow my instructions.

My dog Lily was across my property – until I became desperate.

I went online to find dog-training books however, I wasn’t sure exactly what “training” my dog needed. I knew that she would bark whenever I went out. Then she “talked back” to me when I told her to take off my mattress.

She jumped onto the furniture and chewed on my shoes, and then decided what she’d consume food. She basically was the one who ran through the home. She was the head of the house and I was her follower.


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Who wrote the Secrets to Dog Training?

Secrets to Dog Training is written by Daniel Stevens, a veteran trainer for dogs. This book was released through Kingdom of Pets. The suggestions and tips Daniel Stevens gives are time-tested.

What does this product do?

This book will teach you how to command and have your dog respect you. It will teach you, first and foremost, how to be an Alpha dog, that gives you confidence. It also helps you behave differently when you pet so that he is able to listen to you, not just occasionally and not always.

Downloadable 30 Minute Video

The book is packed with an easy to follow 30 minute video that allows you to see actual examples of dogs acting in a way that isn’t right, and you can see the principles in Secrets to Dog Training being implemented.

The video provides practical solutions to the difficult issues caused by pets that are stubborn. Videos are great because you will be able to determine whether you’re using the methods properly.

What do you want the Book Layout?

The book begins with a guide for new dog owners with tips about how to select the right puppy and where to get the pup. The book also provides advice to the prospective or new owner on how to choose an appropriate breed, the breed’s information as well as how to document your house and house-training. It also explains what you can expect during your first vet visit as well as how you can prepare for your visit.

Does it tackle Stubborn Breed Problems?


The advanced section focuses on how to resolve issues with specific breeds (hmmm… think Jack Russell Terrier) like dominance, aggression chewing, digging barking , and jumping.

After dealing with difficult problems The book then covers dog health issues like the best way to handle fleas, allergies, heat stroke, and much more. The book also covers advanced commands and techniques in great detail.

Does it cover Dog Whispering?

Yes, to my surprise.

The most appealing aspect of this book is it is a comprehensive guide to Dog Whispering in detail. In fact, there’s a whole section dedicated to this kind of dog training. If you’re not familiar with the idea of dog whispering, it’s a method for dog training that’s based on the principle of unambiguous communication and respect for each other.

It’s a brand new method of dog training. It’s also one of the most compassionate methods of dog training in conjunction with clicker training. The program provides step-by step instructions for the most basic commands such as sit and come, as well as down and stay, quiet, etc.

However, does it work on Stubborn Dogs?

Absolutely! As I said I now have two Jack Russells, and I’ve tried every method I know for my dogs. Jack loves to run away from the door. This created a risky situation until I began applying the techniques found in Secrets to Dog Training. I apply the strategies to train Jack and Jill constantly.

It’s like magic.

Everyone knows the difficulty Jack Russells may be to train because of their independence and bossy nature. I would highly would recommend the book. There’s a final thing I’d like to inform you about this book.

You get useful dog training Freebies

Some people add free bonuses to help promote their products, that aren’t very useful. However, this isn’t the situation in Secrets to Dog Training. The product offers helpful freebies.

You receive four bonus books about:

1. House training for advanced levels (troubleshooting including techniques for training using a crate or paper)

2. Do I know how to Stop Canine Aggression

3. How to groom Your Dog (including an article on information on grooming for certain breeds and types of dogs, as well as dental health and nail clipping)

4. Doggy Security Training (a beginning guide to instruct your dog to behave as an effective security dog)

5. A 30-minute dog Training Video (showing live examples of dogs acting poorly and how to make them are able to listen)

Furthermore, you receive an email-based appointment with a professional dog trainer with The Kingdom of Pets team. The team members are expert trainers for dogs who will use the simple approach to help you resolve your dog’s issues with obedience.