Real Estate – An Introduction

Real estate investing is a business that involves the buying, holding, and selling real estate properties. It involves real estate agents who deal with buyers and sellers of real estate properties. A real estate broker plays a pivotal role in the transaction of real estate deals. Real estate brokers form an important part of the transaction of real estate because they help the buyers and sellers to find the right property and at the right location. They act as intermediaries between the seller and the buyer, they ensure that the seller gets his fair price for the property.

Real estate investment deals are normally of two types: immovable property. Immovable real property is that which is not easily transferable, such as land or buildings, and its accompanying resources like water, minerals or crops; fixed assets such as shares in a limited liability company, bonds, shares in the government or securities, and mortgage properties. An immovable real property, on the other hand, is that which is easily transferable; that is, it can be easily transferred from one person to another. Examples include bank-secured real estate loans and deeds. Other examples include leases of office and warehouse space and certain mobile homes. Some real estate investments may include leasing real estate to others, buying foreclosed residential or commercial property, and investing in government bonds, stocks, and securities.

There are several factors that affect the value of real estate, including location, quality of location, economy, population, and many others. These factors are usually referred to as economic characteristics of the region, or attributes of the city, district, or neighborhood. There are many different ways to assess the value of land, and they include such methods as the area covered by the land, the current real estate prices, and other market-oriented assessments. By providing these services, real estate brokers help buyers and sellers decide on the best real estate investment.