One of the most important steps in air conditioning maintenance

One of the most important steps in air conditioning maintenance is to clean the condenser unit. If you notice a lot of gunk or debris, you may have to clean the fins and remove them. You can use a rough paint brush to remove debris, and a vacuum cleaner brush attachment can be used to clean finer gunk. The area around the condenser should be clear of plant growth and other objects. In addition, you can use an old dinner knife to scrape away stuck-on debris and to reshape bent fins.

Clean the air filter. You can find the filter anywhere on the indoor unit. Newer models will have the filter inside the blower cabinet. You can vacuum the filter by using a vacuum attachment. You should replace it when necessary. Check the air filters for clogged filters or damaged ones. Keeping the air conditioning unit clean can keep your energy bills low and save you money. Inspect the thermostat once a month or every other month for dirt and debris.

24-hour AC repair service

Check the air filter and clean it as needed. Dirty filters can cause parts of the AC to break early. Using a fin comb, you can straighten bent aluminum coils. If the fins are bent or damaged beyond repair, consult a professional HVAC technician. If you have multiple AC units, change the filters on each one regularly. You should also replace the filters when necessary, especially during peak season. During high seasons, you should replace the filter every month, and in the fall and spring, replace it once a year.

If the air conditioner is located outdoors, check the pad. Settlement or soil erosion may cause it to sink. If the air conditioner is not level, it will not function properly and parts could fail prematurely. To ensure proper alignment, use a level tool and rot-resistant shims to help bring it back into place. Then, clean the coils and clean the fins. Then, check the drain pan and the drain pipe. If the filter is damaged, change it. The furnace will send air through the system.

A trained HVAC technician can detect most problems before they become major. A routine maintenance call will cost about $100. A trained HVAC technician will clean the air conditioner inside and check the filter, and charge the refrigerant if necessary. A regular checkup will also prevent dust and other debris from accumulating in the system. A professional can save you money by avoiding expensive repairs and replacing your unit too often. Once the filter is clean, your system is ready to use.

Regular air conditioner maintenance is essential to maintain peak performance. Getting regular cleanings will also help your system use less energy. If you have a faulty air conditioning system, it can be dangerous to move in. The proper alignment is very important for your safety, as it can cause damage to other components. If you have a faulty unit, the warranty may be void. If you want to avoid unnecessary repairs, contact your local Trane Comfort Specialist.