Job Description and Recruitment

Recruitment refers to the entire procedure of identifying, recruiting, interviewing, selecting, pre-screening, and finally short-listing suitable candidates for open positions in an organization. Recruitment may also refer to different procedures involved in determining individuals for paid positions. In order to effectively recruit individuals, organizations employ various strategies and various methods.

Recruitment agencies are engaged in identifying suitable candidates who may be required for a specific post, hiring them, training their replacements, maintaining relations with them during the time of their employment, and at the end of their employment. These recruitment agencies have to follow the laws of various countries, as well as those governing ethical labor practices.

Recruitment involves one way linking of resources and personnel to develop potential candidates. The process of recruiting involves using available resources (employee talent, student talent, government resource, and others) and recruiting the most suitable candidate by matching the skills and qualifications as per the job description. The process of recruiting individuals for a specific position takes place through one way linkages of individuals who have the necessary skills and experience for the job and the organization.

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Recruitment is the primary activity related to recruitment. The objective of recruitment is to match the right candidate with the right job opening that best suits his or her skills, qualification, and experience. Recruitment includes many aspects such as hiring the right candidate, training him or her in-house, managing the trainee’s resume after he or she has been hired, developing a good professional relationship with the candidate through appropriate networking, communicating the expectations of the company, evaluating the candidate, and eventually hiring him or her for a desired post. The main advantage of recruitment is that it helps to promote the success of a company by selecting the right person for a job opening and makes it easier to change jobs or make changes in the working environment when the need arises.