How To Avoid Serious Injuries If You Are Involved In A Speeding Car Accident

In any type of accident, you have to be ready to defend yourself. In most speeding car accidents that I have been involved in, I have had to pull people off the roadway and into oncoming traffic to let them stop and get out of the car. Most people that I have pulled over have told me that it looked like the person had been trying to run into a light or was crossing into an oncoming lane. These are things that you should know if you are ever involved in a speeding accident.

The first thing that you need to do is to give your statement and let the other party on the scene to give theirs. If you take a few minutes and start explaining what happened, you may avoid any serious injuries that you would have received in a typical accident caused by speeding. No one wants to lose an eye, lose a limb, or even become severely injured because they were speeding.

Next, drivers must watch the three Second Rule. This is how the three-second rule works: while driving, choose a visible signal or flag from behind the vehicle in front to alert other drivers that you are driving in an unsafe manner. Never, ever, try to go faster than 45 miles per hour. This law was designed to prevent people from using their vehicles for personal reasons and to prevent drivers from looking behind them for an advantage. Unfortunately, speeding car accidents happen all too often because drivers don’t obey this law and try to use their cars for too much speed.

Finally, you can protect yourself from serious injury or even death by taking some safety precautions before you get behind the wheel. Wear a seat belt and properly restrain yourself in a parking space. Avoid speeding car accidents by keeping a good distance between you and the person in front of you, and if you must speed, look behind you and do it in a controlled manner so that you don’t put yourself or someone else in danger. If you are not following these three important safety precautions, you should certainly avoid speeding altogether.

When you have already been involved in a speeding car accident, you may be able to sue the other driver. You should contact an attorney who has experience representing clients who have been injured in car accidents caused by speeding. Because so many drivers are not following these laws and regulations, it is very likely that your case will fail. However, there are many successful cases, so don’t give up hope just yet. If you contact an experienced car accident lawyer now, you may find yourself with a very helpful attorney soon.

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Speeding accidents are undoubtedly tragic, but there are ways that you can protect yourself and your family. The three aforementioned laws are in place to help save other drivers’ lives, as well as to prevent the possibility of serious injuries from occurring. Take the time to read about the laws, and always follow them. With today’s advanced technologies, you can be assured that you are driving safely.