Easy Green Salad Recipes

If you’re craving healthy, real food that tastes better than fries, burgers and other unhealthy fast foods, then you’ve got it made with green salad recipes. You may refer to them as no-tuna salads but why stop at that? Feel free to substitute suggested leafy green vegetables for what is in your fridge. Add and remove toppings at will, until the idea suits your palate. It’s delicious, nutritious and surprisingly affordable.

Start with crisp green lettuce with optional Italian herbs. Italian cooks have always loved lettuce, probably because it’s a relatively cheap source of fresh vegetables. You can use different kinds of lettuce, cut into thin strips to make your salads crunchier; Italian greens are firm and low-fat, and can be used instead of crisp lettuce, too. Soft, finely chopped zucchini and mushrooms along with thinly sliced hard carrots also go well with Italian vegetables. Add some chopped, torn baby portobello mushrooms and thinly sliced Roma tomatoes and you’ve got the perfect start to an Italian salad.


Pepitas are a Mexican favorite that translates easily to a great green salad – and even easier to prepare. Pepitas are cut potato slices dressed with cheese and sour cream, though many people also like them plain. A few layers of pepitas on a bed of mixed greens, shredded tomatoes and thinly sliced zucchini provide a satisfying side dish without much effort. Add cooked pepitas, chopped cooked chicken, or cubed lean ham and you’ve got an easy dinner that the whole family will love.