Consequences of a First DUI

There are a lot of different things that people might want to know about DUI or driving under the influence of drugs. Most of the information that you will find about DUI, or driving under the influence of drugs, is provided here to assist you in avoiding any problems you might have in the future regarding this offense. The first thing you should know about DUI is that it is a violation of the law. Laws on DUI vary from state to state, and violation of laws on DUI can result in serious consequences for people. People can get arrested, convicted, and receive heavy fines for driving or operating a vehicle while intoxicated. If you want to avoid all these consequences, it is important that before you drive anywhere, you make sure you know and understand the laws on DUI.

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About First Time DUI Offenses Generally speaking, it is significant that you know that in the State of Illinois, a first DUI arrest is classified as either a Class A misdemeanors or a Level 6 felony, and if coupled with other aggravating circumstances, a first dui offense is classed as a Level 6 felony, both of them differ in terms of the maximum sentence the offender is given in state jail. If you get arrested for DUI, you can be given various penalties, including license suspension, community service, probation, fines, jail, and in some cases, even a permanent license suspension. In certain cases, during the intake process for a new driver’s license, the state will ask for an administrative breath or urine test to determine whether the driver has been drinking alcohol. If the breath or urine test indicates that the driver has been drinking alcohol, then the license will be immediately suspended.

As soon as You Are Sued For a DUI During the Intake Process For a New Driver’s License There is a good possibility that the sentence that you are given will be a lifetime record of incarceration. If convicted for first dui, in most states, the minimum sentence you will receive is one year in jail. Some states allow for a lesser sentence, but this is rare, and should never be an option, nor should you consider signing a plea bargain. When a first DUI conviction goes to trial, the burden of proof is with the prosecution. It is up to the attorney to prove that your driving was drunken and therefore, resulted in a DUI, rather than proving that you were driving under the influence of something illegal, like over consumption of alcohol.

The Defense You Can Have If convicted for first DUI, you have some very good legal options available to you. If your first offense involves a chemical test, the most common remedy is an ignition interlock device. These devices are available at local Department of Motor Vehicles and can save you the embarrassment and expense of paying for a new vehicle, as well as the tens of thousands of dollars in vehicle impound fees. However, in most states, these devices are not a viable defense to a first DUI conviction. As noted above, in most states a DUI with a chemical test is treated the same way as a first conviction, including mandatory ignition interlock device fines and possible jail time.

As noted above, many states also have “aggravating factors” which increase the sentencing for first time dui offenders. If you have prior convictions for DUI violations, prior drunk-driving convictions, or if your age is over 21, your punishment is likely to be quite stiff. In many states, your license will be suspended immediately, increasing your risk of being involved in future accidents. In addition to having your license suspended, you will also be required to pay a fine and undergo driver training. These things may seem quite harsh, but they are necessary in order to ensure that repeat DUI offenders do not end up on the road.

Your Insurance Rates You may also find that your rates for your auto insurance will go up if you have a first dui offense on your record. This is because of how arrested DUI drivers are at a higher risk of causing injuries or fatalities in traffic accidents. Auto insurance companies consider those who have been arrested for driving under the influence of alcohol as higher risk than those who have never been arrested for DUI, thus the higher premiums for those with a DUI on their record. This is something to keep in mind if you are looking for affordable auto insurance in preparation for the possibility of being arrested for driving while intoxicated.