Becoming a Personal Security Guard

For someone who works for a security company or in a government office, a personal security guard is often needed on a daily basis. This individual works to ensure that the people who work for them and their families are protected by ensuring that their personal safety is given the special attention that it deserves. A personal security guard may be a part of a larger team that ensures the safety of the public and may work on either a part-time or full-time basis depending on the employer. The security of the public should never be underestimated and when security is breached, the personal safety of the public is often put at risk as well as that of the security personnel who are protecting them.

Personal bodyguard Cost

There are a variety of positions that a person may hold when they become a personal security guard. The jobs available are usually divided up between full-time and part-time employment and security guards are often required to work longer hours than other security personnel. If you are considering working as a private security guard, you will need to have some specific training and have already undergone background checks that will determine if you are fit for this occupation. Most private security guards work off-duty. You will also need to have a valid license in order to legally work in the United States as a personal security guard.

To become a private security guard, you will need to get a security guard certificate and pass a background check. To be eligible for a certificate, you will need to successfully complete an eight-hour training course and have completed two years of college work that indicates a high school degree. After you have successfully completed your training you will need to sit an eight-hour written exam that will determine if you are fit for the position. To apply for a job as a private security guard, you will need to fill out an application and bring with you your certificate, resume, and work experience. Private security guards are now being hired in every county in the country due to the increased amount of threat that has been placed upon the American population.