Bathroom Repair Costs

Whether you need a minor bathroom repair, want a fresh look, or are simply planning on selling your house, here are several reasons why it’s important to regularly update your bathroom. Value of the House A well-kept and updated bathroom can add more value to your house. If you find yourself upgrading your bathroom more often, prospective buyers will notice the updated appearance. In addition, you may find that your current bathroom fixtures and fittings no longer fit properly, which can result in a higher home value.

Bathroom Remodeling contractors will have the tools and resources to complete a quality bathroom remodel, including: plumbing, fixtures and fittings, electrical work, new flooring, tile replacement, wall coverings, and new countertops and vanities. DIY (Do-It-Yourself) projects can also be rewarding if you have the patience and/or skill to finish the project. Most homeowners prefer to perform a DIY project rather than hiring a remodeling contractor, since the cost for hiring a contractor can easily exceed the value of the home if the project is not completed properly. Bathroom renovations that require DIY are typically less expensive than other major projects, such as kitchen remodeling. However, there are always the costs of purchasing necessary supplies and materials.

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Over time, toilets and/or sinks clog and need to be replaced, resulting in added costs. It is possible to avoid costly bathroom repair through routine maintenance. Toilet and Sinks Clogging Elimination: One of the easiest ways to avoid costly bathroom repair is to make sure your toilet and/or sink is clear and free of clogs. Most household cleaners are safe for use on toilets and sinks; however, use a small amount of liquid soap and warm water only, and never use harsh chemicals to clean your bathroom. If you suspect clogs, flush the toilet or sink immediately to dislodge any clogs.