Using ClickFunnels to Build Sales Funnels For Home Based Businesses

“ClickFunnels takes the power out of internet marketing by allowing business owners to create dynamic, fully automated sales funnel sites that generate sales. With a drag-and-droppable dashboard that allows you to quickly create beautiful websites with lots of different elements, you’ll get sales pouring into your company without needing a full-time sales person!” – tom | web | webmaster | marketing | website} tom began his journey as a webmaster when he bought a webhosting plan for his new website.

While his hosting company allowed him to create unlimited blogs, his problems with slow page loading and server crashes made him want to build his own web platform. He was amazed at the amount of money he could save by creating his own web based project management system (CMS). His first task was to learn how to use Dreamweaver, and he found it to be a great learning experience. The freedom of having a HTML programmer working for you instead of you working for the webhost company provided a lot of time and resources that he had been lacking while working for the big webhost company.

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He began to build his first set of webforms and email autoresponders using the drag-and-drops feature available with ClickFunnels. After building his first web form, he decided he wanted a way to track visitors to his site. So he created a capture form using Captcha and set up his first optin email autoresponder. After building out his optin list, he realized that he needed a way to send out broadcast messages to his list of subscribers to promote the products that he was trying to sell. He decided to use Jitterbug for this task and loved every minute of it. After his test run, he launched his first broadcasted product and had hundreds of customers contacting him daily to buy his products.