Swag For the Real Estate Business

But before you rush out and order a second pair of plastic-sided pens or cheap tee shirts with your link that might never be used to hand out, there’s a couple of things to consider: There are actually two kinds of swags. First, there are simple closing gifts – a token of gratitude to the customer who sold or bought a house with you that will be included in the real estate promotion. And then there are more-than-simple swags, the kind of swags that offer something of value – like leads, prospects, names of real estate agents or the names and addresses of mortgage companies – as a reward for a lead. Closing gifts should be used as thank you gifts only; they don’t need to be sold or purchased.


The second type of swag is the one that provides marketing ideas for your real estate company. As you probably know, the whole purpose of marketing ideas for your real estate needs is to get people to contact your clients for more information about the services you’re providing. If you give your marketing ideas away for free, chances are that at least some of the people who receive them will contact your clients. And it’s likely that those people will become future clients. Free giveaways are a great way to strengthen your ongoing real estate promotions.